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Dental Services at Carrington Dental CenterCHILDREN / ADOLESCENTS

Having worked as the Dental officer for Medical Services Canada in Nunavut and Northern British Columbia, this area of practice is very close to my heart.
The status of dental health was so poor that the children as young as 3 years would be losing their teeth with multiple abscesses. Young adolescents would be on the road to dentures as young as 18 years of age.
I continue to search the literature and train in all developments which will steer young people on to the right path.
It might be surprising to now find the optimum time to bring a child for a first visit is at one year of age. We can recognize and take steps to stop or reverse tooth breakdown before it takes hold and creates a major toll leading to premature extractions and multiple fillings.
Most times, with early gentle care, we can take the transition from baby teeth to adult in a very calm manner. Relationship and trust is the key then to encouraging worry free visits for the future.


Our goal is to spot issues and give the tools and knowledge to individuals which they can pass on to their children and family members in the future.

Intercepting and prevention is key. If fixing problems then we use the most up to date concepts and material in a pain free manner. Encouragement, not guilt is the order of the day.

We treat and work with people first, not just their teeth.

High resolution cameras and lasers can find early decay and either we can now reverse the weakening enamel before it breaks into a cavity or use microscopic technology to repair the weak points in teeth beautifully and invisibly, with extremely strong tooth coloured, ceramic coverings.

Dental Services at Carrington Dental CenterADULTS

Fearfulness can be replaced with genuine connections which can remove the old tensions when one used to go the “dentist”.

If anxiety is already established and older large fillings are in need of replacement, then we have painless numbing techniques and a state of the art materials which can replace a dark old silver filling with a replacement on the same visit so that one can face the future balance of ones life with the confidence of maintaining good dental health.

With whitening, bonding and veneers worn and dated, smiles can be made new. I love seeing someone’s level of self esteem improve with a few short visits.

If teeth or fillings have been cracking, we look for the causes such as tooth grinding so that the remaining teeth can be protected.

If dentures have been a problem, then a person is perpetually looking for ways to restore comfort and confidence in ways not dreamed of in the past.

As health concerns develop it is essential to have dental care which can, with new insights, be modified to maintain a healthy oral environment.


Just as the revolution of dental decay has gone from fixing holes to understanding the infection process and demineralization, so to is the understanding and treatment of gum disease.

Our office treats bleeding gums very seriously as this area of inflammation can and does lead to serious cardiovascular complications and we can preserve the teeth through our natural gentle cleaning techniques. The thorough and consistent attention to detail brings the level of harmful bacteria under control at the same time so that the dangers of blood borne infection from this source drops dramatically.

Our outstanding hygienist will not only bring the support structures of your teeth back to health, bDental Services Stony Plain Manitoba- Carrington Dental Centerut gently coach, in techniques and tools so that your future visits will be less time demanding and stress free.


Beautiful veneers or bonding can create the smile you used to have or always wanted. The process is painless and takes just one or two visits.

We are used to hearing “WOW” at the moment you are handed a mirror.
Costs can be kept to a minimum when only bonding and reshaping is done.

With more extensive breakdown of teeth, porcelain bonded to precious alloy full crowns offer exceptional strength and durability in cases where teeth would be lost otherwise.


Whitening procedures include an evaluation of what has created the discolouration and try to avoid a recurrence in the future. We do not merely rely upon constant repetitions of expensive gels. Desensitization should go hand in hand with enamel strength being increased.

Some of the areas we can help in:


No one is turned away. Resolution of pain is of high priority and we will take steps to resolve it as soon as possible.


I have spoken to various groups such as the Canadian Association of Orthopaedic Medicine at their annual meeting on the relationship of jaw malalignment and chronic pain. My observations and studies crossing many health disciplines has led me to have insight as to why many suffering from long standing and debilitating recurring pain in the face, neck and shoulders is related to a misaligned jaw. I can direct and work with whatever therapist or doctor you may have been working with to finally resolve many of these stubborn symptoms.

If dental treatment has been frustrating due to poor freezing and on-going breaking and filling of teeth, then the reasons could well be linked to this factor. A course of action treating the muscles of the back, neck and shoulders as well as the dental issues takes on a whole person approach. Pain reduction as well as dental protection combine into a new positive direction on using our clinic or your therapists in a cross discipline approach if you wish. (See TMD/TMJ link)


If gaps or removable partial dentures are not satisfactory, then fixed or “permanent” restorations are a very pleasing way to get back to the feeling of having ones own teeth. A cost analysis often shows how favourable this can be compared to the maintenance replacement costs of alternatives.

I will review the advisability as to whether implants into the jaw itself would be the best solution or capping the adjacent teeth if they are weakened by large older fillings.

I have recently attended training in the placement of the newer mini implants in use with bothersome dentures.

They are quite affordable and individuals of any age can be evaluated.


I have spent years working in hospital operating rooms removing wisdom teeth and multiple extractions at the most difficult level. This translates into
painless and excellent techniques with local anaesthetic for those patients in severe pain with teeth past restoring.


If it has come to the point in your life that you have not been able to get ahead of gum or tooth problems, then we can place a natural looking set of dentures on the same day of extractions and walk you through all the difficulties over the healing period.


We will take careful steps to provide a fresh look and comfortable transition and care for the entire health of the lining of the month. Mouth cancer is very real and we will take great care in watching for any problems.

If repairs or relines are advisable, this too can be performed expeditiously.