About Dr. Dennis Carrington


Dr. Carrington was born in Birkenhead, near Liverpool, England.

Dr. Dennis CarringtonHe was an avid outdoorsman from a very early age and spent his formative years following a passion with geology and biology.

After graduation, he left academia for a while, taking in the “University of Life” returning to pursue a career in practical biology, namely dentistry, which has been a constant source of challenge and satisfaction.

After several years practicing in a village dental practice near Manchester, England, he was led by an interesting set of circumstances to work in northern Manitoba; Flin Flon, Lynn Lake, and Snow Lake.

Several years later, when Medical Services were unable to find a dentist for the eastern Arctic, he set up clinics along the coast of what is now known as Nunavut, moving from Churchill to Rankin Inlet.  He took a long range view before moving on, encouraging the Dean of the Faculty of Dentistry to establish a presence in Nunavut and Churchill, linking the medical and dental facilities.

Subsequently, he operated as the Regional Dental officer for Northern British Columbia, facilitating treatment and public health outreach in 20 or so communities.  The bright skies of Manitoba were beckoning however and he opened a new clinic in Stony Mountain township and subsequently Crystal City, which he operated as a satellite for 20 years.  In 2005, he opened a new clinic in Stonewall, so is well versed in the joys and challenges of rural practice.